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B'Day - Doozeh
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Rallying Cry - Monthly Update, February 2016.

by Doozeh, 557 days ago

Hello children of Endurance, and the rest of you sneaky bastards.

Almost a month has gone, since Endurance as most of the other former guilds on ED decided to move on and start up all over again. The leveling has been a mixed result so far, while someone already had characters, another bunch managed to get 60 and has now started the gear grind. Another bunch is also leveling still, and is getting there slowly but steadly! 
The good news is tho, that the guild is soon ready for running ZG together, which to be fair in the past was some of the finest moments we had together. Late night evenings with a beer, glass of wine (jk, bottle) and whisky, ah the memories... The multishots hitting multiply pack of mobs, Bergyy motivating the troops to battle! The good times!

The good thing is, we are soon at that point again!
However a job has to be done, both with leveling and recruitment! We need to get into 40man raiding shape again, we need to be up there as soon as we can to be ready for the new challanages that are ahead of us! 

Concider this a rallying cry! Are you still on the fence about starting? Are you struggling with the motivation to level?
Just remember the goodtimes we had, and soon you will experience all this again. You will even get a few glimpses of the all-mighty (now cow) Zeell running around in battlegrounds! 

Are you not connected to Endurance at all, but are curious about the guild? Don't hesitate, i can personally promise you alot of fun, shameless flaming of random people, and alot of swearing (and drinking) during our raids!

Boys and girls, spread the word about our return. Get your friends, scout for newcomers and lets fill the ranks of our precious guild once again! See you in Azeroth. (However tho, please dont mention anything about this to Uschi or Viza!)

Hugs 'n Kisses
Anders, aka Dooze 

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Endurance & the future!

by Ohnoesfosho, 587 days ago

Howdy boys and grills!

After the annouancement from Feenix about the merge of servers, and the actual servers merging, it seems we've come to some crossroads. Most of us were not willing to continue playing on feenix due to tbc talents and stuff being generally bugged there now.

So after voting on the future, we decided to reroll on another server! 

Looking at the voting for server choices, there has been a winner!

Nostalrius PVP server won the vote. 

We also did faction vote, which ended with 9 ally votes, 17 horde, 5 dont care which. 

We have now made a horde guild on Nostalrius PVP server. Same guild name as before.

You can hit us up there for a guildinvite.

We decided to keep the voting time short seeing as actually letting it be up for too long might just slow everything down, and found it was easier to be a bit speedy about it. 

Also, people can roll whatever they feel like on the server btw. There's no need to play a char you really dont want to play. So I highly recommend everyone rolling a class they want to play!

Also some people might already have chars on said server with profs n shit, so helping others is always welcomed! 


Happy leveling




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Endurance Newspaper 5

by aristanton2, 706 days ago

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